“We partnered with John Petersen to source institutional potential equity partners for our project. In our business, the project is the master— all team members give it the time, attention and focus necessary to get an optimal outcome. John jumped right in and integrated very well with the Capstone team. His history, experience, local insights and seasoned perspective were instrumental in completing our financing. We appreciated his role and look forward to working with John again. “
Chris Nelson, principal, Capstone Partners LLC

“In interviewing lenders for our project, Melvin Mark Capital Group was the only one that thought outside the box and offered creative solutions to meet our requirements in an effective way. Our project involved a type of loan I was unfamiliar with so we were navigating a new process. John Petersen brought the knowledge and innovative thinking we needed to help us get the deal across the goal line.”
Scott Elliott, president, Edge Development

“This was my first time working with John Petersen and I found him to be a very good communicator. He is easy to reach by phone or email – a quality that is most important to me. He kept me in the loop with regular, timely updates.  He was also a good problem-solver — he handled an insurance issue that cropped up at the end of the loan and resolved it to everyone’s satisfaction.  He is very proactive and was able to help me secure a larger loan than we had originally anticipated, plus he met a very stringent loan closing deadline, which helped me avoid stiff payment penalties.  Overall, I found John and his partners to be very knowledgeable in the ever-changing landscape of lending. They really stay on top of the market.  And, they’re very well networked with key relationships in various firms, which helped get the funding accomplished with the fewest problems possible.”
Lawrence Cahn, owner, Feasible Properties

“I had a great experience working on a recent loan with David Schaffer and Melvin Mark Capital Group. His wonderful attention to detail and advocacy of his client were instrumental in getting his customer best positioned for a refinance.  He did an excellent job guiding the client through necessary improvements in operations, management and reporting, which really made all the difference in getting the maximum dollars on the loan.  It was our pleasure to work with him and his client.”
Carmen M. Esteban, vice president, HomeStreet Capital

“Melvin Mark Capital Group arranged the financing for a particularly complex transaction, in which I represented one of the participants. The deal was so challenging, in fact, that we’d been told by one mortgage lender already that no one would loan money on this transaction. Melvin Mark Capital Group took the time to dig into the project in a way that no one else had before. They looked at the transaction, the parties, and the history – and they were successful because they were able to see more than what was apparent at first blush. Their experience makes a difference in developing a loan package because they know where the pitfalls are in the process, they anticipate them and keep you ahead of them. And they’ll give you an honest assessment about the merits of a deal – this type of candor is refreshing and highly-valued.”
Stu Peterson, SIOR, broker, principal, Macadam Forbes

"I am impressed by what is a relatively small firm, yet they really have their pulse on what’s going on in the market. Their group is very ethical – they really seem to be thinking about what’s right for us. I feel that they’re making recommendations as if they were principals and not just agents in the transaction, helping to make decisions that reflect the best interest of all the parties. They’re all very smart and experienced and know how to get their job done in a way that makes it very easy for us."
David Beckerman, chief financial officer, Sher Partners

"I've worked with David Schaffer and the Melvin Mark Capital Group team for 10 years and have high regard for their integrity, intelligence and access to capital. They always look at what's best for the client, even if in the end, it means they don't get the deal. They put our needs first and are persistent — without being pushy — in improving our situation with the lender and structuring a better package. There is a lot of paperwork and detail work involved in these transactions; these guys are well-organized and on top of what needs to be done to make the deal work."
Mark Seiler, principal, Metrovation

"I've worked with John Petersen for 30 years and hold him in the highest regard. He has exceptional knowledge of the mortgage markets, and he thinks strategically about how to put together the right loan package at the best rate that works for me."
Jim Winkler, Winkler Development Corporation

"John Petersen of Melvin Mark Capital Group provided outstanding financial advisory services for Portland State University's Foundation and Portland State in recent critical student housing transaction. Our campus is growing its housing sector rapidly and the University was
evaluating various approaches to achieving the next major step in the effort. Petersen adroitly led both the Foundation and University through the financial analysis, helping us reach the right conclusion for all parties. His work was essential to effort and we would recommend him to any organization needing requiring serious financial modeling analysis as well as big picture outcomes."
Lindsay A. Desrochers,vice president, Finance & Administration, Portland State University

"John's questioning, formulating, strategizing, and leadership with the parties in their negotiations led to superior outcomes for all three parties in risk and reward. As the attorney chairing the Foundation Board's Investment Committee expressed, 'John is of the quality that he could step into the Board rooms on Wall Street where I close deals as part of my practice, and he would stand head and shoulders above half of those in the room!"
P.A. Leineweber, executive director, Portland State University Foundation