Greg Wellington, Principal, Managing Director

The discipline of team sports was good preparation for Greg Wellington’s job as a mortgage banker; as a former college football player, he knows that it is the sum of the parts that wins the day, not one individual effort. He appreciates that he and his partners at Melvin Mark Capital Group work together, sharing their know-how and business savvy to move deals through the process and helping each other solve challenges along the way.  Because he’s worked on hundreds of transactions over his career, clients are confident that he knows what he’s doing. He doesn’t believe in taking no for an answer — if a project hits a roadblock, he looks for new ways to navigate around the obstacle and deliver the right solution to meet the client’s need.

Greg joined Melvin Mark Capital Group following twelve years with CBRE Capital Markets/Debt & Equity Finance, following the acquisition of North Coast Mortgage Company (NCMC) by CBRE. During his tenure at NCMC, Greg was responsible for managing the $1 billion loan portfolio on behalf of correspondent lenders, primarily comprised of life insurance companies and other financial institutions with commercial real estate loan assets.

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